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Loose Teeth

There are two main causes of loose teeth: traumatic injury to the mouth and progressing periodontal disease. In both instances, the loose teeth will eventually fall out if not rectified. There are many options for treatment:

• deep cleaning
• extractions
• immediate load dental implants
• bone grafts
• antibiotic therapy

If you notice loose or shifting teeth, contact our office immediately!

Loose Teeth and Other Gum Disease Symptoms

If your teeth are loose and you have not had a traumatic oral injury, something is wrong.

Loose teeth are proof of severe, irreversible periodontal disease, also known as gum disease. The health of your mouth directly affects your overall health and loose teeth are a red flag. If you have loose teeth or any of the other gum disease symptoms listed below, contact Dr. Frank P. Bruno today for immediate treatment.

Other gum disease symptoms include:

• bad breath
• gum recession
• bleeding gums
• swollen or red gums

Prevention of Loose Teeth and Oral Disease

Most loose teeth caused by traumatic injury cannot be prevented (like injury from a car accident). However, extra precaution can be taken with a mouth guard, when involved in activities like football or hockey.

The best prevention of oral disease is to attend regular dental exams and practice regular, in-home dental care. Also, a balanced diet and active lifestyle boosts the immune system — the stronger it is, the less of a chance you have for infection.

If you have questions about how to improve your in-home dental care, Dr. Bruno will gladly suggest tools and techniques that can help.

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