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Composite Fillings in Las Vegas, NV

Composite Fillings Las Vegas, NVComposite fillings, also known as tooth-colored fillings, are one of the most common procedures in general cosmetic dentistry. The composite is made up of a tooth-colored, plastic and glass particle mixture. Composite fillings are used for many reasons:

• filling decaying teeth (cavities)
• improving the color of teeth
• reshaping teeth
• improving the overall look of your smile

Composite As a Material

Composite makes for a very successful material in dental fillings because it is:

• insoluble (impossible to dissolve)
• aesthetic
• easy to manipulate
• insensitive to dehydration

Composite Filling Procedure Overview

The patient’s mouth is first prepared and a local anesthetic is given. Next, the composite is carefully applied in layers and is then light-cured with a high-intensity blue light. The curing only takes a few seconds. Finally, the composite is shaped to fit the tooth and then polished.

Steps of Removing Old and/or Metal Fillings

Dr. Frank P. Bruno first provides a diagnosis and administers a local anesthetic (reversible loss of sensation). A rubber dam is then placed around the treated tooth/teeth, helping to prevent exposure to mercury (found in most metal dental fillings). The rubber dam also helps to manage the water produced in the process so that the patient does not have to swallow. Once in place, the old material is removed, along with any decay.

General Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Bruno and his team offer a wide variety of general cosmetic dentistry services, including:

• dental caps
• dental crowns
• ceramic crowns
• non-mercury fillings
• teeth whitening
• invisalign 
• removable orthodontics
• dental veneers

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