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Periodontal Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, NV

Periodontal Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, NVPeriodontal laser dentistry is a non-surgical dental therapy that eliminates the need for hand tools or direct contact to teeth or gums by utilizing a fiber optic laser; concentrated energy in the form of a beam that acts as a vaporizer. Dr. Frank P. Bruno and his team perform periodontal laser dentistry for a variety of reasons.

To treat:

• gum recession smile — a “gummy” or “toothy” smile
• tooth decay 
• uneven gum line
• exposed roots
• indentations in the gums or jaw line (from tooth loss)


To use for:

• preparation for a filling
• curing of ceramic crowns or bridges
• enhancing teeth whitening (enhances the activation of the whitening agent)
• biopsy or lesion removal

One of the main uses for laser dentistry is gum contouring and shaping. Unlike traditional treatments, laser dentistry requires no scalpels, sutures or removal of tissue in procedures to rectify issues like gum recession (generally caused by periodontal disease). Instead, the procedure is executed with a fiber optic laser and accomplishes ultrasonic root cleaning by vaporizing the infection, leaving healthy tissue structure in place. Once the removal of the disease is complete, the laser is placed on a setting (there are many settings for many different uses) to create blood clotting around the treated areas so that sutures are not required, resulting in minimal pain and recovery time.

Periodontal Laser Dentistry Benefits

• minimized healing time
• minimized discomfort/pain
• gums maintain their height (even when being treated for gum recession)
• healthy tissue structure is left behind
• less or no need for anesthetic
• reduced or no bleeding
• reduced swelling
• preserves more healthy tooth during cavity removal

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