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Preventive Dentistry in Las Vegas, NV

Preventive Dentistry in Las Vegas, NVPreventive dentistry is the area of dentistry that helps to prevent the onset or advancement of oral disease, for the entire mouth, teeth and gums. Preventive dentistry has two very important parts; regular dentist visits (at least twice per year) and daily in-home care by the patient.

Dr. Frank P. Bruno, general dentist in Las Vegas, and his team strive to provide the highest quality preventive dentistry while thoroughly educating their patients about daily, in-home preventive dentistry/care. Each client is carefully guided through a dental routine that will work best for them, including brushing techniques and utensil recommendations. Nutrition also plays an integral roll in dental health so it is covered thoroughly as well.

During your regular dental visit, Dr. Bruno will be looking for signs (like bad breath) of dental decay and periodontal disease (destruction of gums). If any oral disease is found, early stages can be easily treated. The goal is to find early stages, which can only be accomplished through regular dental visits.

Dental office preventative care visits include:

• prophylaxis (cleaning of the teeth)
• examination of the teeth and gums, performed by:
  1. visual exams
  2. tactile exams
  3. radiographic exams (x-rays)
  4. computerized bacteria content exams
  5. oral cancer screening

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Preventative Dentistry for Children

Preventative procedures should begin at infancy (within the first year, before teeth arrive) by regularly cleaning your child’s gums. It is strongly recommended that children have their first dental visit within the first six months of arrival of their first tooth/teeth. Typically, around the age of five, children are given their first set of x-rays, as well as other preventative treatments like:

• fluoride supplements and applications
• dental sealants or coatings (to ward off decay)
• orthodontic applications (if needed)

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