All-On-4 Dental Implants

    All-on-4™ is a type of immediate load dental implant, also known as provisional fixed dentures, which has revolutionized the replacement of teeth for people with a limited amount of bone in their jaws. With just four implants you can have a new set of teeth in just one day!

In most cases, patients choose the All-on-4™ procedure because they are fed up with traditional paste-in dentures, are missing teeth altogether, or have teeth that have been traumatically damaged.

The Procedure

For All-on-4™ dental implants in Las Vegas, visit Dr. Frank P. Bruno, DMD. The following explains what to expect during the procedure:

• The mouth is prepared and the area is completely numbed with a local anesthetic.
• Unless the procedure is being performed for previously missing teeth, the existing teeth are removed.
• Four channels are shaped into the gums for the implants.
• Implants are placed in the channels and drilled into the alveolar bone (bone that contains tooth sockets).
• Temporary abutments are put in place and then the acrylic temporary is cemented into place, acting as a bandage for the healing implant areas.
• The temporary is then bite-tested, adjusted as needed and will be required to be in place for up to six months, until the permanent set for the patient’s missing teeth can be placed.
•It is important that the bone is given proper time to heal around the implant. 
•A soft food diet is recommended so that the temporary is minimally used for chewing.
• During the second appointment, the temporary teeth are removed and the new, ceramo-metal teeth are created and placed.

The success of your dental implant(s) depends on your in-home care and regular dental visits.


• prosthetic flexibility
• increased efficiency
• stability

For dental implants in Las Vegas, contact Dr. Bruno today!

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