WaterLase® is one of the most advanced laser dentistry tools in use today. It incorporates a patented, atomizing water/air spray that utilizes highly energized water for biological tissue removal. This instrument removes decay more efficiently, is non-abrasive and is known for its accuracy. Also, it creates no friction and, in turn, no heat, equaling no unnecessary pain. Traditional drills can leave microfractures, heat damage and even surrounding gum damage while WaterLase® knocks out bacteria and infection without any additional damage. This treatment option is much more compatible with the natural, healthy state of the human body and has much less risk for cross contamination (because it never actually touches the patient’s teeth).


WaterLase® is one of the most convenient tools at Dr. Frank P. Bruno’s dental office in Las Vegas. Not only does this leading laser dentistry tool offer a comfortable solution with immediate results, it is virtually painless and in most cases — no drills or shots are required. This non-abrasive procedure is cool-cutting (does not use heat). With no recovery time, patients can return to their regular activities (even eating) after receiving WaterLase® treatment.

WaterLase® Procedures

The WaterLase® laser dentistry tool can be used for many reasons, such as:

• cavity preparation
• implant preparation
• shaping and contouring (of gum line)
• oral growth or lesion removal
• non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease
• enameloplasty (excavation of pits and fissures for sealant placement)
• caries removal
• hard tissue surface etching/roughening

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WaterLase® is a registered trademark of Biolase.

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