Crowns and Bridges

Do you have a damaged dental crown or a bridge that needs replacing? Are you in need of a new dental crown or bridge and are searching for an economical solution? You have come to the right place!

In the next decade, over one billion dental crowns that were created and applied with older methods (many made of metal material) will need replacement due to structural failure. Dr. Frank P. Bruno, general dentist in Las Vegas, utilizes The CEREC® Procedure to provide his patients with an effective, non-toxic solution in just one day. Each dental crown and bridge created is solid ceramic and will not expand or contract, better preserving the natural tooth.

Removal and Replacement and/or Creation

Crowns and Bridges Las Vegas, NVUpon arrival Dr. Bruno, general dentist in Las Vegas, provides a diagnosis and administers an anesthetic (reversible loss of sensation). For removal of older crowns and bridges, a Isolite is placed around the treated tooth/teeth. The Isolate also helps to manage the water produced in the process so that the patient does not have to swallow. Once in place, the old material is removed, along with any decay.

The patient’s tooth/teeth are then prepared and an imaging powder is applied. This imaging powder allows for a more accurate image capture by the in-house CEREC® CAD/CAM camera and eliminates the needs for inconvenient bite trays. Once the image is captured, it is computerized into a 3D rendering. After careful examination of the 3D virtual model, a ceramic block that matches the size and shape of the patient’s tooth (or teeth, for bridges) is chosen and the image is sent to the in-house milling unit. The milling unit then creates the restoration, whether it is a dental crown or dental bridge. Once the milling unit has completed its process (only a few minutes), any excess milling remnant is carefully removed.

The restoration is then tested for accurate fitting and bite and any necessary final shaping is made. 

While the restoration is cooling, the patient’s tooth structure is conditioned. Then, the restoration is treated with bonding and placed. Lastly, the bite is checked and any excess bonding is removed.

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